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Label Startups is your dedicated partner in the world of fashion.


Once all required adjustments have been finalised and samples have
been completed, we will send you a quote for manufacturing your
We require the following to start the production phase;
• 50% deposit of production invoice to be paid before we start the
process. Remaining balance as well as shipping fees must be
paid in full once order is complete and before we ship it to you.
• Quantities for each size you want per style and colour emailed to
us on an excel sheet as soon as deposit is paid.
• If you want your brand's logo to be printed on your swimwear and/
or sportswear pieces, we require you to email us the artwork of
your logo in vector format to arrange to do so.
• We will also require the logo in vector format if you would like us
to arrange ordering brand’s label and care labels to be printed on
fabric and sewn on your pieces.
• Name and style number for each design to facilitate packaging the
pieces accordingly



Time to complete your order will vary depends on the following factors;
• Time it takes to order and deliver fabric and other material required
for cutting and sewing your order. Please allow 7-14 working days
for custom printed or dyed fabric.
• Time it takes to grade the patterns for each design.
• Time of the year we receive your order. Please note if you place
an order in our busy period, it will take longer to complete your
• Complexity of your designs. How long it takes to sew each piece
will determine how long we need to complete your order. We will
be able to assess this after completing your samples.
• Larger sizes take longer time to make.
Once we have completed your initial samples, we will be able to advise
you on period range we require to complete the manufacturing of your
products so you can plan accordingly.

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Our minimum order quantity is 300 pieces for up to 5 styles. You may
choose three colours and maximum of four sizes per style for this
quantity. If you wish to add more styles, sizes and colours, there will be
an increase in minimum order quantity.


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