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Garment Development

Explore our comprehensive garment development services and discover how we bring your fashion vision to fruition.


Once the sketches for your collection has been finalised and your vision has been clarified, we move on to the design development phase. First step is to make draft patterns for each one of your designs using standard measurements for size small. Note; all first prototypes are made in size small to fit our in-house model when we do fittings for all initial samples on at our fitting studio.


Our team will use their expertise in fabric knowledge and suggest for you options we can use for each design  Once we have agreed on material to use for the entire collection, our team will start sourcing it. We can also source for you majority of garment accessories required to use for your designs.


However if you want to use specific fabric and /or accessories that we are unable to source for you, we kindly ask you to supply it to us before we start the design process. If you are sourcing the material yourself, we will need to know the composition of the fabric and measurements of the accessories before we start pattern making. This is because measurements we will use to develop the draft patterns will depend on the characteristics of the fabric and shape of the accessories, that the designs will be made from. For example if we use stretch fabric, the draft patterns will need to be made smaller than if we use non stretch fabric.



Once material is sourced and draft patterns are made, our cutter will lay the patterns on the fabric and cut the first prototypes. Next our machinists will sew together the cut material and complete the first sample using sewing construction techniques recommended by our head designer. Our sewing team is hand-picked and are the best in the industry with decades of experience in sewing high-end swimwear, womenswear and sportswear. 


Next step is to try the first samples on our in-house fit model to check the cut and fit. At this point we will contact you and get you fully involved in the process. We will send you images and videos of the design/s on the model and ask you to give us your feedback. We will also give you our expert opinion on the design/s and suggest ways to improve cut, fit and construction techniques. 


At this stage we will make adjustments to draft patterns as discussed during the fitting session, cut and make new samples if need be and arrange to ship them out to you. If there are many changes one of the first prototypes, we will show you the adjustments made on the model before we send it out to you. We will make the adjusted samples in the size you request. This concludes the product development stage.


Note the quote we send you at the start of the process includes all these steps. We usually require you to pay 50% deposit to start the process and remaining amount to be paid with shipping costs as well as material costs when all designs are completed and ready to be posted to you. 


After you receive the samples, please get them tried on and assess them for fit and quality. Please ensure that the samples we send you are tried on a person with the same size as the samples. At this stage of the process, the second prototypes you receive should be perfect or near perfect but If you find there are further minor improvements that you'd like made to the designs, we can do so to the preproduction samples. Note, the costs for preproduction samples is half the costs of initial samples. Once preproduction samples are complete, we will be ready to start the production process.

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