Want to Start a Fashion Label with Us? This is How It Works!

The process of designing and manufacturing apparel can be incredibly complex but with our expertise and resources, we will make it as easy as possible for you to launch a fashion line with us. Here is a break down of how it works;

We will assume you have already figured out what kind of label you want to start and have worked out what designs you want to develop and sell. Ideally you want to start with 8-12 styles but you don’t have to be 100% sure on all the designs you want to include in your first collection right from the start, we will work closely with you to help you clarify your vision for your line.

DEVELOPING YOUR DESIGNS  – Although some of our clients are fashion designers and established fashion brands, the goods news is you don’t have to have a fashion design degree or have any background in the fashion industry to develop a “killer, high-end” collection with us. You just have to have an eye for what looks good, know how to communicate your design project well and let our expert design team handle the rest. 

Email us now your technical sketches to get a quote. Once you approve the quote, one of our designers will book a consultation with you via Skype to go through the designs you want made, suggest ways to refine/improve them and explain the process we follow to develop a fashion collection from scratch, tailored to your vision.

TECHNICAL PACKS & PATTERN MAKING – To develop the first prototypes, we have to make patterns for each design first before we can start the “cut and sew” process. However, to interpret the designs accurately on patterns, a “Teck Pack” needs to be completed first. A “Tech Pack” is a sheet which includes front and back Technical Sketches of a design as well as any crucial design information needed to construct the product. We don't expect you to have measurements included in your tech packs, we only require the bare minimum information to help use get a good overview of what it is you want made.

We can develop the technical packs for you if you do not know how to do so and we will email you exactly what we need from you as well as our fees to develop them for you. We are also happy to direct you to other designers who can make them for you for a reasonable price.

SOURCING FABRIC AND ACCESSORIES – Next step is to source fabric and accessories for each of the styles in the collection. There are so many factors that play a role in where the material for your collection is best sourced from. In the first consultation, and after assessing your designs, we will be able to advise you which country is best suited to source material from that is needed to develop your designs. The countries we currently source fabric and accessories from are; China, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

MAKING OF FIRST SAMPLE/PROTOTYPE  – Once patterns are made and material are sourced, the sample making process starts. First samples take approx. 2-4 weeks to complete, depending on how busy we are, the complexity of your designs and where we have to source and purchase the material from. Note, the cost for the first prototypes is always high, as we have to spend time figuring out how to best construct your designs with the best possible sewing finishes before we actually start making them.

MAKING OF SECOND PROTOTYPE or Pre-PRODUCTION SAMPLE – When we first started our business we used to do it like everyone else does it. We send you first prototypes and after your review them and give us feedback on fit and cut, we would ask you to send them back to us to make amendments to the patterns then make the final prototypes. But we found that is process is not only lengthy but was not always leading to accurate results because the clients did not have the designs experience to communicate their feedback correctly which caused a lot of back and forth and frustration on both ends.

So the way we do it now is after the first prototypes are complete, we do a fitting session of all your styles with our fit model. We let you know date and time we're doing the session so you are available online to send you videos and images live and get your feedback immediately. We will also then give you our expert feedback and advise on how to improve the designs. Once we both agree on changes to make we immediately alter the patterns, so no needed adjustments are forgotten, and proceed to make the final samples .

PRODUCTION ORDER – Once designs are refined and finalised, we will be able to give you a production price for each style. Our MOQ 75 pieces per style for a minimum order of 4 styles. We require 50% deposit to start production and remaining balance must be paid on completion of order and before products are dispatched. Estimated time of completion is 4-8 weeks depending on complexity and quantity of your order and how busy we are.

DELIVERY – We will handle the export clearance paperwork and arrange for delivery via our shipping partners to your destination. Estimated delivery time is approximately a week for most countries.