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To assess if we are able to develop your design project for you, please email us tech packs of all the styles in your collection. The tech packs need to include front and back technical sketches of your designs, reference images as well as information regarding design construction.

You can send us hand sketches and/or reference images but they must be very clear and easy to understand. If you do not know how to develop tech packs, contact us and we can help direct you to freelance garment technicians  who can develop them for you.

Please take time to communicate your designs in a clear manner. Do the appropriate research and ensure that the information you email us, adequately explain your vision of the final products.


After we receive your tech packs, we will contact you to arrange a meeting. If you are located near our office we can book a face-to-face appointment at our facility or otherwise we will arrange a Skype meeting at a time that is suitable to you, to clarify your ideas and discuss in details your project. 


During our meeting we will discuss the following; 

  • Clarify your vision for each design.

  • Suggest design ideas and construction techniques for each design.

  • Discuss material suitable to use for each design, colours and prints and what is possible for us to outsource.

  • Discuss the product development process we follow. Discuss time to complete prototypes.

  • Discuss production process.



After we have discussed with you, your design project and agreed on process to develop each style, we will send you a quote for product development of prototypes. Note the quote will include the following;

  • Pattern making for all styles in size small

  • Cut and make of 1st prototypes

  • Fittings with a fit model of all styles

  • Adjustments to patterns as per the fitting session's feedback

  • Sourcing of material for all your designs

  • Making adjustments to and finalising of all prototypes


We will update you on the progress of your samples at all times via WhatsApp and send you images and videos of the all the prototypes during our fitting sessions and make adjustments to the styles as per your feedback. We will not ship the final samples until you have seen the final prototypes and are satisfied that your feedback have been applied.

Note: Additional costs apply for preproduction samples and if samples need to be made in different sizes and colours/prints.

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